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Adopting a child can be a life-enriching experience for both children and parents. However, the child adoption process can sometimes seem like a confusing, scary and time-consuming prospect fraught with financial and emotional horror stories. For many of California's couples and families wishing to adopt a child, where to begin is often the biggest concern.

A knowledgeable child adoption attorney by your side is important and can help make the process far less stressful and intimidating.
I understand the concerns and fears you are facing. I have a passion for adoption and know adoption law. I have assisted many other people dealing the same anxieties you may have. As your child adoption attorney, I am here to guide you through the often tricky and difficult process of providing a child in need with a loving home and family.

Domestic Adoptions

These adoptions involve an infant or an older child born to parents or family members living in the U.S. I provide you with step-by-step help in addressing such issues as filing petitions, establishing qualifications, obtaining consent, determining fees and birth expenses, and working with agencies as needed. Whether you choose an open adoption, where the parents meet, or a closed adoption, I carefully explain the laws and options available to you so that you can make smart decisions about which type works best for you.

Private Adoptions

This type of adoption is also called an independent adoption in that it is arranged by the parents involved or friends, and not an agency. Call me for a free evaluation (831) 459-6718Though many procedures remain the same and the adopting parents must still file a petition to adopt, these adoptions typically are less expensive and time consuming. My legal experience with adoption can help protect you from dishonest individuals using scams that prey on your honest intentions.

Step-Parent or Family Adoptions

Also referred to as relative adoptions, these are some of the most common adoptions performed. They involve a parent, grandparent, or other family member taking legal and financial responsibility for a spouse's or other relative's children. The biological parents must consent to the adoption, as they will be released from all legal obligations. While generally quick and easier than other adoptions, step-parent adoptions carry an emotional impact that must be considered.  I can help you.

International Adoptions

The process of adopting a foreign child is similar to a domestic adoption, but with additional federal government requirements, such as both parents being U.S. citizens and the finalizing of the adoption takes place in the child's country of origin. I can provide you with the necessary information, tools and support you will need to adopt a child from a different culture.

Call me for a free evaluation (831) 459-6718hich child adoption path you choose can lead to a fulfilling experience that will change your lives. Make your adoption a clear, reassuring and more soothing event. I will stand beside you every step of the way, protecting both you and the child you welcome into your life. Call me today to schedule your appointment. I am committed to your family's success.

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