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California Divorce Law

Image of couple walkingDivorce in California is unlike any other state. Your attorney will need experience and skills working with judges and executing court procedures properly. I provide a full range of divorce and family law services based on experience and skilled preparation. I am a California board-certified family law specialist, and I have earned recognition for helping my clients protect their interests in divorces that often include complex financial settlements, spousal support and child custody arrangements…read more about California divorce law

Spousal Support

Image bills dueIn California, married persons have a right and an obligation to support each other during their marriage. Depending upon numerous factors taken into consideration by a court in a dissolution case, this obligation may extend beyond the marriage.

California statutes set forth a long list of factors considered in determining spousal support. Included are such things as the age and health of the parties, their education and training, their length of time in the workforce, duration of the marriage, differences in earning ability, expenses of each party, tax consequences of any award, and other economic factors. A judge must also make a decision as to the duration and amount of support…read more about spousal support in Santa Cruz

Child Custody

Image of father holding child's handIn many situations, physical custody is awarded to one parent (sole custody). However, often the custodial parent shares “legal custody” of the child with the non-custodial parent. "Legal custody” includes the right to make decisions about the child’s education, religion, health care and other important concerns.

When one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the other parent is granted visitation, either according to a clear schedule of dates and times, or on a “reasonable” basis. If allegations of abuse have been raised against the non-custodial parent, any visitation granted may be subject to supervision by a neutral third party. Grandparents and stepparents may also be entitled to visitation privileges.…read more about child custody laws in California

Child Support

Image of two boysUnder California law, the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent is determined using a very specific formula of income and parenting time of both parties. What qualifies as legitimate income to be used in the calculations is often the legal matter that has to be worked out by the attorneys and judge involved.…read more about child support in Santa Cruz county

Paternity Law and Children

Image of boy in baseball capLike all legal matters, paternity law can become extremely complex, particularly when custody and child support are primary issues at this emotional time. You will be working closely with your lawyer on some very emotional and important issues. Choose a legal specialist who offers years of experience and a strict dedication to each client.…read more about paternity law and children in Santa Cruz county

Division of Community Property

Image of houseCalifornia is a community property state. California defines community property as all that property, both real and personal, which a married person living in the state acquires during the marriage. This includes property that is located outside the state as well as within the state. With the exception of separate property, no matter how property is titled, and, in the case of income, no matter who earned it, if it is acquired during the marriage it is considered part of the marital community estate.…read more about the division of community property in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties

Pre–marital Agreements

Image of couple holding child's handMore than 50% of marriages in California end in divorce. California is a community property state. In the event of divorce, the judge will order an equitable distribution of property. Without a prenuptial/premarital agreement in place, your personal assets that were part of your financial holdings prior to the marriage could, depending on how they were handled and managed during the marriage, be included in the distribution.…read more about pre–marital agreements in California


Image of newbornAdopting a child can be a life-enriching experience for both children and parents. However, the child adoption process can sometimes seem like a confusing, scary and time-consuming prospect fraught with financial and emotional horror stories. For many of California's couples and families wishing to adopt a child, where to begin is often the biggest concern.

A knowledgeable child adoption attorney by your side is important and can help make the process far less stressful and intimidating. I understand the concerns and fears you are facing. I have a passion for adoption and know adoption law. I have assisted many other people dealing the same anxieties you may have. As your child adoption attorney, I am here to guide you through the often tricky and difficult process of providing a child in need with a loving home and family…read more about child adoptions in Santa Cruz county

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