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California divorce law is unique to any other state. If you have question about how California law applies to your particular case, contact a California family law attorney. Most family law attorneys will have a free initial telephone or email consultation free of charge, and will be able to explain procedures and costs to you.

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Thirty -Five Years Experience as a California Divorce Attorney

Divorce in the State of California has become a highly specialized area of legal practice. In times past, divorce was treated like any other civil litigation. Divorce law was carved out of the existing Civil Code, and the parties in a divorce were treated as civil litigants, even to being called plaintiff and defendant. California now has its own separate Family Law Code with special rules and procedures unlike any other area of law. The parties are called petitioner and respondent. In most counties in California, family law matters are heard in a special family law department of the courthouse, with a judge who hears only family law matters. An attorney in family law must be up to date on what is taking place in the local family law department. I am a California board-certified family law specialist, and I have thirty-five years of experience in representing clients and protecting their interests in divorces that often include complex financial issues.

Call me for a free evaluation (831) 459-6718My family law office serves the family law needs of communities throughout Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. I invite you to learn more about California divorce on this page. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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